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What's a BMX Cruiser?

A bike, or bicycle for brief, is just a automobile that's run by shifting two-foot pedals. After motion is began, stability is set up by possessing the two front addresses of the bike and ensuring it creates a straight-line with the route in front of the rider and the bicycle. It's often utilized by the everyday person to visit in one spot to still another but just inside a relatively short-distance. But about the other-hand, not most people are a day to day average person who's information in utilizing the bike within this way, therefore the more daring and adrenaline caring person needs to develop some thing way more exciting.

Bike motocross race, as BMX additionally understand, is actually one of many ideas that uncovered the heads of the prodigies who wanted more from the bike. They thought when bicycles might be utilized for rushing and even more baleful sports and instances, then so if the bicycle. BMX hurrying is actually a bicycle race which is done on single-lap race monitors which may be off the road. The screens generally include up to five racers, and so are synthetic earth competitors courses that comprise various jumps method ahead of the closing point. The racecourse is level at a lot of the times, which is approximately 4.6 yards wide. It seems to become a place for bikes to opposition on, thus may the standard bike commonly withstand such conditions? The answer is an easy no. This really is the area where BMX bikes came into being. And once it regards such bicycles, you might request which might be the most utilized and popular amonst the riders.

BMX Cruisers are bicycles that are mainly used by bicycle motocross riders. It is know to be able to endure all kinds of stunts and is used at bicycle motocross events and races all over the world. They are very stylish and are generally appealing to the youths and young adults. So far, it comes in different designs and originally came out at 26? when it was incepted in the 1970?s. Currently, Cruisers usually come out in the 20? and 24? range, but a lot of aficionados and junkies still use and crave for the original sized Cruiser. The 26? BMX bicycles enjoyed a very short spotlight in the late 70?s and towards the early 80?s. So much so that nowadays it is not uncommon that some will call them BMX Cruiser 24. With the help of the Cruiser, BMX itself became the catalyst and foundation for many other sports events and disciplines such as Freestyle, Dirt Jumping, Ramp/Pool, Skate Park, among many others.

BMX Cruisers are not only enjoyed by the youngsters. There are also whole
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families that are interested in the BMX Cruiser and BMX racing in itself. Whether it is mom, dad, sister and the little siblings, this entirely rocking bike can make a true quality family day on the dirt track. With Cruisers coming out in 20?, 24? and 26? ranges, they can cater to all age groups. There are therefore different riders of all ages, and if you can ride a bike, you will find a strong turnout within your age group. There are also ?Cookie Monsters? races where little kids aged 3 to 4 are already introduced to the sport of BMX on the track while being coached and assisted by their parents. Their cruisers come with training wheels to ensure the children?s safety.

Now what are you waiting for? Get a Cruiser and ride and have fun! Down the street, near the beach or on the track, show off your new BMX Cruiser and challenge a friend or two. You may be doing it for fun for now, but if you have the passion and the skills to make it to the big league races, then you are on your way to the BMX Cruiser Hall of Fame.

How to Choose the Right BMX Cruiser

BMX Racing has been around for more than four decades. It is enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. From toddlers, to teenagers, adults and the kids at heart. These fanatics usually have their BMX Cruiser bikes and whoever owns the coolest ride has the bragging rights. But there is a very important question that one has to keep in mind in choosing a BMX bike ? which one should you actually choose?

Whether you are looking for yourself or a friend, asking the right questions and actually answering them correctly would make the choosing process much easier. It actually depends on what you would want to do you with your Cruiser. Will you race with it? Are you going to take on the streets or start getting dirty on the dirt track? Will you be riding at the skate park or at your backyard and the ramps you made yourself? Thinking about all these and having an idea on what you want to do with your Cruiser will surely guide you to the right path in choosing your new BMX ride.

The BMX peeps often use the term ?BMX? in a general way, so it is really important to understand that there are actually three types of BMX bikes ? the true BMX bike, the freestyle bike and the dirt jumper or just the ?jump? bike. The BMX is a dirt track ready race bike with contorted tires and lightweight frame and parts. It is great for racing in the dirt and going really fast within short distances. A freestyle Cruiser is a strong stunt and trick bike that has a very big frame and wheels. It is suited for riding at the skate parks, or learning and performing new tricks and bike stunts. Finally, there is the jump bike, aka the Dirt Jumper. These are essentially a combination of the BMX and freestyle bikes. It also has a strong frame and wheels, and is perfect for jumping ramps in your backyard.

The true BMX bikes started it all in the 1970?s. They were modeled after motocross motorcycles and were designed to be raced over jumps and in the dirt. Kids everywhere soon had them, whether they actually raced or not. BMX bikes are still manufactured for racing, although you do not have to race to enjoy the speed and dirt worthiness of these bikes. The frames are light, and the higher the price, the lighter in weight they become. BMX bikes also come in different frame sizes. There is the Mini which is for the 4 to 6 year olds. The Junior ? for 6 to 9 years. The Expert which is for ages 9 to 13. And lastly, the Pro bike ? which has a full sized frame and can be used by almost anyone who can actually ride the bike.

The freestyle bike is ideally used for land tricks, aggressive street riding and getting high at skate parks. It is also great for riding to anywhere. Its strong construction is a higher priority than the light weighted bikes. Freestyle bikes come with front and rear brakes. This means added safety, since it is meant to be used to do some stunts.

Lastly, there is the dirt jumper. They are designed for really taking it to the sky. They are also in between the BMX bikes and freestyle bikes in terms of the size. They usually do not have front brakes and the wheels normally feature 36 rugged 13-gauge spokes. They are usually equipped with 24 inch wheels, which are a great choice for older and larger riders.

BMX Cruisers are also great for customization. There are a great deal of BMX Cruiser parts that you can mix and match, depending on your budget of course. BMX Cruiser frames such as the Intense Podium 24? frame, Redline24 Flight R6 frame, S&M .38 Special 24? Frame, Speed M534 Cruiser Frame or the Standard R 24? Chromoly Frame etc are easily available online or from your local BMX shop. BMX Cruiser handlebars, bars, forks, and even hubs, rims, pedals, pads, rims and even spokes are available for a true personalization experience.

Now that you know which Cruiser is best for which type of activities and racing, you would now probably have a better view and idea on which type of BMX Cruiser you would want. The really exciting part here is the actual purchasing of the bike. Now what are you waiting for? Grab you Cruiser and start cruising in the tracks and on the street!

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